For When It's (Still) Winter

For When It's (Still) Winter

For When It’s (Still) Winter - 5 Tips to Stay Motivated in the Cold 

Let’s be honest, whether or not the groundhog sees his shadow come February 2nd, we’ve still got some cold weeks ahead of us before we truly spring forward to warmer temperatures. For those of us cold-fearing folks, six more weeks of winter means we’d rather stay bundled under blankets until we fully thaw out. 

So how do we stay active and motivated despite the cold? At Clean Market, we psyche ourselves into it. This takes a little bit of seduction, a little bit of discipline and a whole lot of baby steps, but we’re always left feeling better, more energized and warmed up when we practice some of the following techniques.

Check out our go-to tips for staying motivated in the winter:

  • Stream At Home: We’re not talking about Netflix here! Several workout platforms (including many beloved NYC based studios) have launched streaming services for at home workouts. This means no commute time, no reason to leave your house in the cold, and no excuse not to get your body moving. Some of our favorites include Sky Ting TV, Melissa Wood Health, JETSWEAT, and so many others to choose from based on your workout preferences. 
  • Experiment With Healthy Eating Made Easy (and warm): It can feel tempting to order in Caviar delivery as soon as it’s too cold to go outside, but cooking a big batch of warm, nourishing soup will not only save you money (you’ll have lots of leftovers), it will also keep your workouts on track (because who wants to workout the morning after delivery Indian food!). We opt for one-pot, easy recipes that require very little prep time or cooking experience and that make for delicious, savory meals.  If you’re looking for recipe inspiration, start with a batch of Carmelized Onion Red Lentil Soup from our founder, Lily. You can combat the cold by ordering your groceries for delivery ;)
  • Turn Inward: Winter is a yin season, which makes it a great time for turning inward and reflecting. While it may seem counterintuitive, one way to stay active and on track is to press the pause button and take a few minutes each morning or night to meditate, journal or reflect on your long term goals. Check in with yourself on any commitments or resolutions you made at the beginning of the month, and remind yourself why you made them in the first place. Chances are you’ll reaffirm your intentions and experience a second wave of motivation in the process.
  • Cool Down To Heat Up: This one may sound crazy, but hear us out. Reinspire yourself and the benefits of cold therapy by taking a note from Wim Hof and immersing yourself in the cold. Cryotherapy has a range of benefits, including refueling your body’s metaphorical gas tank. After a full-body cryotherapy session, you’ll likely feel energized, your mood will be elevated (cryotherapy increases the amount of endorphins in your body), and your immune system will experience a major boost, which means you’ll be better equipped to handle the cold. Still skeptical? You can read more about the benefits of cryotherapy in the winter.
  • Make It Social: instead of wasting time counting calories or counting down the days until summer, count on a friend to keep you accountable. Making plans with a friend to meet for a workout class, cook dinner together or spend a Saturday enjoying a new activity or museum exhibit will not only keep you active and engaged, but it will also encourage you to show up for your plan and spend quality time with a friend. A win win in our books. If you’re looking for an activity, Clean Market offers infrared sauna sessions for two, so that you and a friend can catch up (and warm up) while detoxing in one of our saunas.

Hang in there, it will be warm soon.  Until then, there’s always Fire Broth.

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