Let's Get Lit: CM X Brodo Fire Broth

Let's Get Lit: CM X Brodo Fire Broth

Launching October 15th, Clean Market and Brodo are thrilled to bring the heat with our hearty, wholesome Fire Broth. Let’s get lit.  

Lily and Brodo founder, Marco Canora have been working closely to develop Fire Brothan uplifting and invigorating twist on Brodo’s traditional bone broth blend. Fire Broth embodies Clean Market’s love of functional food and Brodo’s mission to deliver the purest form of collagen in a health-promoting, delicious product. 

Imagine the potent power of fire cider distilled down into a more palatable and enjoyable drinking experience. The apple cider vinegar based broth utilizes smoky paprika, cinnamon and additional spices for both their flavor profiles and their medicinal purposes. These powerhouse ingredients will help you kill oncoming viruses, boost your immune system, and balance + drain your sinuses at first sip. Fire Broth can be consumed alone for a potent pick-me-up and it also pairs really well with our signature pagel and avo smash for a balanced breakfast.

Visit Clean Market or any Brodo location and sip to the seasonand to your healthwith a cup of Fire Broth.


Read on to learn more about the collaboration and meet the Master of Broth, Marco Canora. 

CM: For those people new to the bone broth lifestyle, can you elaborate a little bit on the myriad benefits of bone broth, and how you first came to bone broth and ultimately Brodo?

Marco: It’s a looong list. The infamous Sally Fallon of the Weston A. Price Foundation wrote an entire book about that.  There are two big buckets in my mind. 1- I believe investing time and thought into shopping and cooking your own food is a potent way to improve your health - having great broth (traditionally made, long-simmered) around is the best hack possible for fast-tracking your way to delicious and nutritious food.  

2- the particular amino acid structure (particularly the glycine and glutamine) of the collagen-rich protein in broth is where most of the functional benefits come from. The most important, in my opinion, is the ability of this protein to seal and heal a damaged gut lining. Once you find your way to a healthy gut your digestive system will have the ability to absorb nutrients more efficiently and your immune system will have the strength to address any and all issues you may be suffering from.... from depression to IBS to acne.

CM: How do you ‘chill out’ in the midst of running multiple businesses in an ‘always on; city environment?

Marco: I have been obsessed with hot sauna/cold plunge, been doing it two to three times a week for a couple years now. Pouring sweat while meditating in a hot room is very calming and restorative for me - plus it builds mental strength at the same time.  

Lily: I’m lucky that one of my businesses has many of the self-care services I like to utilize, including hot and cold therapies (infrared sauna and cryo), just like Marco. I also practice Vedic meditation and aim for daily DREs (deep reimagining via Lacy Phillips / To Be Magnetic) and cuddles / walks with my dog Otis. 

CM: What’s next/new on the horizon for Brodo?

Marco: I’m very motivated and excited by the prospect of getting our broth into the wholesale BtoB restaurant markets. The options in that channel are not very nutritious or tasty.  If we can get brodo into the hands of chefs I think they will be thrilled to have a health forward and super delicious option available to them. 

CM: What are your non-negotiable daily practices to support your personal health and well-being?

Marco: Sleep...sleep...sleep. And some kind of movement, even if only a brisk walk.

Lily: Marco said it best - I cannot function without sleep. 

CM: How has working in the restaurant industry for so many years has influenced and informed your approach to Brodo?

Marco: Broth has been such an essential piece of a chefs kitchen since well before the notion of a chef has existed. It was very intuitive and relatively easy for me to conceive and execute the Brodo concept.  

CM: Have you noticed a trend or shift in the way that diners are ordering from a more health-focused POV?

Marco: Absolutely, the consumer is so educated today and with every passing day people are gaining a better understanding of the power and influence of your food choices on your health.  

CM: What is your ideal flavor profile (sweet vs. salty)? Are there any flavors or food that you are always craving?

Marco: It might sound like a cop out answer but I am truly a lover of all kinds of foods..

Lily: Savory all day every day. If I’m reaching for a cookie, it better have a sprinkle of Maldon on top. 

CM: When not on the NYC grind, do you have a space elsewhere or travel destination that helps you reset and brings you back to calm?

Marco: Every summer my extended family vacations on Chappaquiddick which is, for the most part, restorative. Beyond that, whenever I feel the need for perspective and calm, I try to find my way to nature, in any form.  

Lily: LA is where I go reset, restore, and become re-inspired. It always feels like home, and as a Projector, I like to spend a lot of time alone recharging. Beyond that, bring me to any beach and I am happy. 

CM: Talk to us about cooking with Brodo. You often mention that the broth is a great foundation in the kitchen.  Any favorite or go-to recipes you have with the broth?

Marco: One of the easiest and frankly my favorite preparation is an Italian egg drop soup called Stracciatella. You beat a few eggs with a fresh grating of nutmeg and a few tablespoons of grated parmigiano reggiano and drop it into Brodo.

CM: How does drinking bone broth factor into your daily ritual? Is it more of a morning starter, an afternoon snack or a nightcap?

Marco: I kinda drink it all day long but I really think it makes for a great start to the day because it helps extend the fast that happens inherently when you sleep.  

Lily: It was a serious part of my morning routine when I was healing my gut a couple of years ago. I drank it every morning first thing on an empty stomach - it worked wonders for my gut and my skin was the best it has ever been. It’s still my favorite things to start the day with in cooler months, but I also love it as a morning snack or an afternoon pick me up instead of a second matcha or coffee. 

CM: In addition to the Fire Broth, do you have any other remedies or practices to boost immunity and stay healthy throughout the fall/winter?

Marco: Sauna+meditation.

Lily: IV drips, LivOn Labs Lypo-spheric Vitamin C, and gentle movement. 

Marco: when not dining at Hearth or Brodo, any favorite NYC spots?

I think abcV is one of the best restaurants in this city of 20,000 restaurants. And sitting at the bar of Una Pizza Napoletana with a margarita and a glass of wine is one of my greatest indulgences.

Lily: when not eating at Clean Market, favorite NYC spots?

I also love abcV , and I have to shout out my favorite Brooklyn go-tos - King’s County Imperial and Di an Di. Love their cocktails and very gf / df friendly menus that make everyone at the table happy. 


Photos by Diana Zapata.

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