In it For the Long Run

In it For the Long Run

In it For the Long Run - How to Prepare and Recover for the NYC Marathon

You may be a little desensitized to the saying, ‘life’s a marathon not a sprint,’ but what does that actually mean for those of us committed to completing a grueling 26.2 miles? The November 3rd New York City Marathon is quickly approaching and it’s critically important for all runners to have a pre and post marathon routine in place to fully take care of their bodies. 

At Clean Market, we are here to help. Whether it’s your 1st or 50th marathon, or you’re simply cheering from the sidelines with a mimosa, Clean Market will get you back on your feet in no time.

Read on for our top pre and post marathon recovery treatments + our special deals for TCS New York City Marathon runners.


the what: cryotherapyalso known as “cold therapy”uses nitrogen cooled air to expose the body to sub-zero temperatures of up to -220°F in order to stimulate multiple physical and mental health benefits.

the why: cryotherapy is both a performance enhancer and a recovery treatment, making it perfect for long distance runners who inevitably tax their bodies throughout the training and marathon running process. Cryotherapy has been shown to boost endurance and energy, increase blood flow, curb pain and reduce inflammation, all of which are key elements for a runner’s’ longevity.

the when: in the final weeks leading up to the race, schedule a cryotherapy session at Clean Market to reboot after a long training session and keep your muscles and joints healthy. Pop in after race day to ease your recovery and alleviate any lingering aches and pains.



the what: IV therapy delivers bioavailable nutrients and minerals directly into the bloodstream, meaning that our potent formulas have an above average absorption rate in the body. 

the why: Long distance runners require a lot of electrolytes, sodium and potassium (we’re talking way more than a Gatorade and a banana can provide). At Clean Market, we have custom formulated IV Drips that are designed to assist your training process, so that you don’t burn out before the big day, and so that you can effectively refuel and restore after the race.  

the when: allow a Clean Market IV Drip to be your lifeline in staying hydrated, balanced and fueled with the right nutrients and minerals. Prior to race day, experience our Mega Recovery drip to rehydrate your body and to re-up your energy, electrolytes and essential Vitamin B12, so that you’re raring to go on race day morning. The Mega Recovery is also a great option for those of us who may have cheered a little too hard on race day (and are feeling slightly hungover the next morning). After the race, stop in for a NUTRIFIT drip to ensure that you’re replenishing the body with adequate levels of magnesium and other key nutrients that it needs to bounce back. 


the what: the Normatec is an innovative technology that provides a high tech compression  massage to relieve muscle aches and pains while temporarily increasing circulation in the body. It is a clinically proven method to increase circulation, reduce soreness, and help athletes perform at their best everyday. 

the why: instead of using static compression (squeezing) to transport fluid out of the limbs, Normatec uses dynamic compression (pulsing) to more effectively mimic the muscle pump of the legs and arms and to enhance the movement of fluids and metabolites out of the limbs after an intense workout. Normatec Compression gear can also lessen pain sensitivity, decrease muscle fatigue, increase lymph and blood circulation, and improve range of motion.

the when: in the weeks leading up to Marathon day, we recommend that runners stop in for a few 30 minute sessions with our Normatec to prepare the legs and help the muscles recover from training.  After race day, treat yourself to a 60 minute Normatec session for a full leg recovery.  

Be Nice to Your Body and Book Your Pre Marathon Prep or Post Marathon Recovery Drips, Cryo, and Compression. You Deserve It.

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