• Fresh

    10 Credits

  • Core

    30 Credits

  • Clean

    60 credits

Commit to doing well everyday. Clean Market’s services optimize, energize, and transform. Our monthly memberships and experiences allow you to create you own journey and mix and match sauna and cryotherapy treatments, and provide for discounts on IV drips.

Choose what fuels you.

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FRESH – 10 credits/month $129
CORE – 30 credits/month $299
CLEAN – 60 credits/month $499
Unlimited Infrared Sauna $499
Unlimited Whole Body Cryotherapy $799
Unlimited Infrared / Whole Body Cryotherapy $999


Services Vary from 3 – 5 credits
30-min Infrared Sauna 3 credits
60-min Infrared Sauna 4 credits
Localized Cryotherapy 3 credits
Cryofacials 4 credits
Whole Body Cryotherapy 5 credits


Infrared Sauna $499
Whole Body Cryotherapy   $799
Infrared + Whole Body Cryotherapy $999


Membership Perks

In store + NutriDrip discounts
Members receive a discount on cafe, retail, and NutriDrip services, along with additional a la carte service purchases.

Birthday Booster Shot
Every member receives a complimentary birthday booster shot.

Rollover Credits
Credits rollover monthly and do not expire while you are an active member.

Monthly Guest Passes
Members receive anywhere from 1 – 4 monthly guest passes.

Loyalty Credits
Accounts are topped off with extra credits at the end of each quarter, increasing at each membership level.

Service Nutridrip

Single Sessions + Packages

Infrared Saunas
30-minute sauna $45
60-minute sauna $60
Whole Body Cryotherapy $75
Cryofacial $60
Infrared Sauna 30-min 5-pack  $200
Infrared Sauna 30-min 10-pack $360
Infrared Sauna 60-min 5-pack  $265
Infrared Sauna 60-min 10-pack $475
Whole Body Cryotherapy 5-pack $330
Whole Body Cryotherapy 10-pack $600
Cryofacial 5-pack $265
Cryofacial 10-pack $475


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To be used in a single visit. 

Chill & Shine
30min Infrared Session + WB Cryotherapy Session
Clean & Cleanse
30min Infrared Session + WB Cryotherapy Session + NutriCleanse IV Drip
Double Chill
WB Cryotherapy + 12 min Cryofacial
Facial Detox
30min Infrared Session + 12 min Cryofacial + NutriGlow IV Drip
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