The L Word: How to Love Your Lymph (and Upgrade Your Health)

The L Word: How to Love Your Lymph (and Upgrade Your Health)

Introducing: Lymphatic Drainage Massage at Clean Market

In an ever-evolving landscape of health trends and treatments, it requires some discerning to identify the right approach to your personal wellbeing. Clean Market is committed to doing the research and delivering you the results-driven services to elevate your health. Next up on our list: lymphatic drainage massage.  

Therapeutic lymphatic drainage massage is our newest treatment offering at Clean Market’s Noho Wellness Lab and for good reason. You may have noticed a recent uptick in DIY lymphatic stimulation techniques gaining traction across social media but lymphatic drainage has been practiced for years as a means to restore health and balance the body. Our lymphatic systems act like built in sanitation systems meaning that they help us to take out the trash and play a critical role in our overall health. When we properly stimulate our lymphatic system, we rid the body of any waste and toxic build up that it naturally produces. As you can imagine, when our lymphatic system becomes backed up, we start to feel its deleterious impact on our health and wellbeing.

Lymphatic Massage vs. Traditional Massage

Unlike traditional massage, lymphatic massage specifically targets the lymphatic system, a network of vessels and organs under the skin that are crucial to the immune system and our overall health. The hands-on massage approach can vary in pressure but it typically requires light touch only since the lymphatic system is close to the skin’s surface and easily stimulated. Your licensed massage therapist will focus on stimulating the body’s internal drainage by palpitating your lymph nodes, manually pumping the lymph fluids towards the appropriate nodes and customizing the treatment entirely to your needs.

Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage: 

Lymphatic drainage has been shown to support a variety of health conditions including bloating, post operation recovery, autoimmune disorders, gut issues, scar tissue reduction, inflammation, tension headaches and sinus congestion. Potential benefits include:

  • Reduced water retention and bloating
  • Enhanced circulation
  • Decreased appearance of cellulite
  • Increased detox and toxin elimination
  • Boosted weight loss results and reduced inflammation 
  • Improved  immune system functionality
  • Reduced stress and fatigue
  • Visual slimming, contouring and sculpting effects
  • Total body relaxation


How to Support Yourself Between Lymphatic Sessions:

The benefits of personalized lymphatic treatments with a trained therapist are next level. A few simple practices to implement before and after treatments can help you maintain a healthy lymphatic system between sessions:

  • Remember to hydrate: drink plenty of filtered water before and after your treatment to stay hydrated, replenish your body post massage and to flush any remaining toxins out of your system.
  • Gentle movement: some low intensity movement like yoga, walking or stretching before and/or after your treatment will support the removal of toxins from the body.
  • Dry brushing: regular dry brushing is a powerful DIY way to increase blood circulation and gently stimulate your lymphatic system at home to promote lymphatic drainage between sessions.
  • Keep it clean: reducing your salt, sugar and alcohol consumption post treatment (and ideally pre) will ensure that the body has adequate time to rest and fully remove any remaining waste stored in your system.
  • Rest and reset: a night of deep sleep will allow the body to deeply repair post treatment.
  • Hot/Cold therapy: adding in some hot/cold exposure such as infrared sauna, cryotherapy and/or cold showers will amplify your treatment and further boost the natural lymphatic flow. For optimal results, treat yourself to one of Clean Market’s sauna or cryotherapy sessions between treatments. Book your service now!
  • Legs up: elevating your legs up the wall (or above your heart) for even a few minutes each day can help to improve circulation by redirecting blood flow back towards the heart. It can also help reduce fluid build up and swelling in the legs.

Ready to try it for yourself? Come visit the Wellness Lab at Clean Market NoHo at 40 Bleecker St.

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