Clean Market Holiday Gift Guide

Clean Market Holiday Gift Guide

At Clean Market, our team spends the entire year sampling and testing the latest products and services that keep us feeling our best. When the holidays arrive, we relish the opportunity to spread the cheer—and the health—to the ones that we love most. A gift from Clean Market makes for a sweet holiday surprise and an even sweeter way to kick start the New Year.

If you’re looking for some healthy holiday gift giving inspiration, read on to see what, and who, the Clean Market team is gifting this year.


NAME: Lily 

POSITION: Co-Founder, Clean Market

WHO ARE YOU GIFTING: My sister, Rachel! 

WHAT ARE YOU GIFTING: On a recent trip to visit my sister in LA, she became super curious about the benefits of my handheld LightStim machine (I use the acne one nightly!) and has been asking for one ever since. It’s the perfect prevention for acne, pain or wrinkles, and it’s travel friendly. I'm using the holidays as an opportunity to gift it to her along with my favorite Osea face cream and a Cryofacial gift card for when she comes to town in January.


NAME: Sam W.

POSITION: Marketing Coordinator, NutriDrip


WHAT ARE YOU GIFTING: My mum is going to be pretty jet lagged after traveling 28 hours from Australia, so I'm going to take her on a "Jet Lag Cure Tour" around Clean Market before we jump into the holiday festivities. Starting with an Infrared Sauna, she'll unwind for 30 minutes & sweat out toxins from the plane, immediately followed by a 3-minute Whole Body Cryotherapy session to bounce her back. Next, she'll have time to chill in the NutriDrip Lounge with an NutriMMUNITY IV Drip, paired with my favorite Glow smoothie from the cafe. On our way out, we'll stop by the retail section to pick up a Jet Set herbal supplement to energize and restore. By now, she's repaired her day-long travel exhaustion in under 2 hours and ready to take on NYC!



POSITION: Cafe Program Director


WHAT ARE YOU GIFTING: My mom is very new to health and wellness products but became obsessed with matcha in every way after I got her a Cocokind matcha stick a few months ago. This year, I’m upping her morning routine by gifting her organic, ceremonial grade Chalait matcha tins and then taking advantage of our Sachet Bar and sending along a medley of Vital Proteins Collagen Creamer sachets (gingerbread is my FAV). To top it off, I’m throwing in some Moon Juice Cosmic Matcha to keep her energized and stress free during the holiday bustle!


NAME: Jenn

POSITION: Services Manager


WHAT ARE YOU GIFTING: Every year, my friend group and I do a white elephant gift swap. Since I never know who will end up with my gift, I try to give something that everyone will love. This year, I’m opting for a Clean Market infrared sauna gift card  and some of our most popular travel snacks- Bjorn Qorn, Moon Juice crisps, and TK CBD chocolates- for the lucky recipient to enjoy.


NAME: Sam C. 

POSITION: Marketing Coordinator, Clean Market

WHO ARE YOU GIFTING: My best friend, Richard

WHAT ARE YOU GIFTING: Richard has increased his workout routine a lot lately, training every day after work. With his rigorous work and fitness schedule, he does not have a lot of time to recover. I am going to purchase a Whole Body Cryotherapy package for him so that he can take care of his body in just 2-3 minutes. ❄️  


NAME: Ayami

POSITION: Marketing/Design Intern


WHAT ARE YOU GIFTING: My mom has been shifting to all clean skincare and beauty products and I want to support her new habits with some winter staples. She and my dad do a lot of travel during the winter time, so the perfect gift will be the Nucifera Mist and the Jao Goe Oil, two of my favorites in our Apothecary section. These are both multifunctional products for everyday use that will keep her skin feeling refreshed and hydrated all winter long.



NAME: Elyse

POSITION: Program Director of Retail + Purchasing 


WHAT ARE YOU GIFTING: I’m gifting my dad the ultimate kit of clean + flavorful kitchen staples: Dark Horse's Fermented Jalapeno Hot Sauce, Fermented Dijon, Probiotic Vinaigrette, Umami Ketchup + Pickled Mustard because he loves different dips, tastes, and textures for a variety of moments. Not only are these beautiful, they are also unique and so good for your gut! 


NAME: Lauren

POSITION: VP, Operations

WHO ARE YOU GIFTING: My Future Brother-in-Law 

WHAT ARE YOU GIFTING: Sean, my brother-in-law to be, recently got a new job where he is constantly on the road. All the travel takes a toll on him, so he’s always asking me what new cool products Clean Market has to cure his insomnia and keep him balanced. This year, I’m getting him the The Nue Co Magnesium Ease for sleep support, and the Grown Alchemist Travel Kit for all his on-the-go needs. 



POSITION: Co-Founder, Clean Market


WHAT ARE YOU GIFTING: When it comes to balancing work and co-parenting our 2 year old daughter, my wife is superwoman. She’s endured plenty of sleepless nights and hours chasing after our active toddler. This year, I’m gifting her a day of self-care services at Clean Market so that she can enjoy some much needed rest & relaxation. She loves doing the infrared sauna and cryotherapy combination treatments to gently detox and boost her energy. I’m also gifting her a NutriMmunity IV Drip for added immune support. Plus, I’m babysitting for the day :)


NAME: Evelyn

POSITION: Apothecary Manager 

WHO ARE YOU GIFTING: My mom, Bobbie! 

WHAT ARE YOU GIFTING: My mom is someone who adores natural fragrances! This holiday, I’m gifting her The Nue Co Functional Fragrance, as I know she'll appreciate this beautiful and natural musky scent, as well as the anti-stress benefits that this gorgeous fragrance offers.


Still undecided on your gifting needs? Give the gift of clean this holiday season with a Clean Market gift card.

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