"Clean Market, an upscale holistic wellness center from Clean Food Dirty City’s Lily Kunin, aims to become a destination for those looking to unwind and heal through functional food and today’s most popular wellness treatments."
"Here, a leisurely visit could start with a subarctic blast in the cryotherapy chamber, then segue into an infrared sauna for a meditative thaw, and wind up in a lounge chair for a vitamin-packed IV drip."
"Located in Midtown near Equinox, Skin Laundry and SoulCycle, the 3800-square foot wellness destination has partnered with Thermostat to offer cryotherapy and infrared sauna sessions, NutriDrip for IV drip services and Moonjuice for functional lattes served at the in-house café."
“...Clean Market opened its doors on July 10, and already it has cemented its place as one of the most elevated body and mind destinations in a city chock full of studios and shops that want to help you better yourself.”
"Is this heaven?"
"Just opened in Manhattan’s bustling Midtown area is Clean Market, a holistically-charged nutrition emporium which believes that beauty originates from within."
“New York City’s newest wellness destination is all about feeling better, eating better and living better.”
"Clean Market, a new wellness destination in New York City, encapsulates many of the of-the-moment offerings, from cryotherapy and infrared saunas to IV drips and adaptogenic lattes for everything from glowing skin to enhanced brain function."
"Part market, part tonic bar, this sure to be health hot spot has a long list of tasty superfood smoothies to choose from, and an even longer list of add-on boosters."