Veganuary With Lupii

Veganuary With Lupii

Written By Lupii


This Veganuary, learn all about the two nutrients you need! 

Whether your vegan, vegetarian, or just plain awesome, getting wholesome nutrition is something that is important to all of us. - In light of Veganuary, or even if you are simply interested in eating more plants, we have some food for thought to share so plant based eating becomes a no brainer on the nutrition side. 


As the founders of Lupii, a new vegan protein bar powered by Lupini bean, we are tapping into Lupini power to make tasty, sustainable, plant-based fuel that will keep you running like a boss. 

We created Lupii because we want to create delicious foods for people that are made out of simple, whole-food ingredients. Our Queen bean, the lupini bean, is such an incredible ingredient because she is a true nutrition powerhouse.


Don’t stress about protein - just eat beans (lupini beans)

Eating plant-based doesn’t need to leave you with the worry about not getting enough protein, particularly if you are eating whole food sources of protein. That’s where Lupii comes in. Traditional protein bars rely on processed isolates, that are stripped of all other nutrients and need to be masked with lots of fillers to taste palatable. 

We believe that it’s time for the next generation of protein: it’s delicious, plant based, minimally processed and comes in the form of lupini beans. You don’t have to worry about sacrificing clean, wholesome foods to get the protein you're looking for - you can simply turn to Lupii, which is made out of whole lupin beans.  We want you to feel confident that you are getting the fuel you need to get through your day without putting any added junk in your body to achieve that.

Lupii’s hero ingredient, the Lupini bean, is exceptional – it is the bean with the highest concentration of plant-based protein in the world! We’re talkin’ 3x more protein than eggs, 2x more protein than chickpeas, and 3x more fiber than oats. Not to mention, it’s a rotation crop that helps restore soil health and sustainable farming. 


Lupii is the future of vegan protein bars, made with minimal, whole-food ingredients. Each Lupii bar has 9-10 grams of plant protein, 7-8 grams of fiber, and just 5 or 6 whole-food ingredients. It’s Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten-free and has no added sugar. 

Eat your beans and leave your worries about protein deficiency at the door.

Balanced Nutrition: Don’t forget there’s more than just protein 

While protein tends to get a lot of attention in our culture, fiber often flies under the radar but is definitely something we should all be thinking about with a balanced diet. Most protein bars that exist today sacrifice the fiber to deliver on the protein, but not with Lupii. Our Lupii bars are packed with fiber from the lupini bean and can deliver around ⅓ of your daily fiber requirements! Fiber is so important for all of us because it supports our gut health and the fiber in lupini beans acts as a prebiotic, which feeds healthy gut microbes. And as you probably know, a healthy gut is linked to a healthy brain and overall healthy immune function.  It’s a win-win when you can grab a snack that tastes great, but is doing great for us at the same time. 

Here’s to healthy and happy 2021 full of delicious snacking!

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