Three Clean Skincare Brands Doing the Most for the Planet (and our Skin)

Three Clean Skincare Brands Doing the Most for the Planet (and our Skin)

Effective skincare products are the cherry on top of a holistic wellness approach, and with the increasingly pressing climate situation it doesn’t feel like a tall request of skincare companies to keep the planet in mind when crafting their formulas. Many companies take this in stride, putting environmental protection at the forefront of their brand without sacrificing on effectiveness.

One Ocean Beauty - Skincare from the Ocean and for the Ocean

Cruelty Free; Easy-to-Recycle packaging; Woman-founded

One Ocean is a line of skincare and supplements that derive their most powerful ingredient, algae, from sustainable sources across the world. Their skincare is clean - not just trendy clean - but genuinely free from non-toxic ingredients that other skincare typically contains. It’s only fitting that their utilization of the healing properties of algae is reciprocated into healing for the world’s oceans through a partnership with Oceana, the largest ocean protection organization in the world working with governments to change environmental policy for the safety and protection of the oceans. 

Our favorite product:

The One Ocean Blue Algae Exfoliating + Detox Mask is perfect for preventing and treating acne-prone and congested skin.


Intelligent Nutrients - Smart products for a better future

Cruelty-Free; Easy-to-Recycle Packaging; Organic; Women-founded + owned

Intelligent Nutrients recognizes the connection between the health of the planet and the health of its people. They strive and excel at creating efficacious products from sustainable sources. Co-founder Rachel Rechelbacher was inspired by her father, Horst Rechelbacher, who is known as the “father of safe beauty” for his founding of beloved and well-known clean brand Aveda in 1978, which itself is based off of Rachel’s grandmother’s herbalist practice, as well as Indian Ayurvedic tradition.


Intelligent Nutrients shys away from terms such as “clean” or “green” beauty, instead opting for the term “intelligent” to encapsulate their scientific approach to creating products that go beyond supporting organic agriculture and never using petroleum-based ingredients, but represent an entire business model founded on protection and love of plants and people. 


Our favorite product: 

The Refining Micro Polish is our favorite scrub to make skin feel smooth instantly and decrease lines and scars with prolonged use over time.

 Intelligent Nutrients Refining Micro Polish


Living Libations - Appreciation of nature as an essential ingredient

Woman-founded; Cruelty-Free; Organic; Easy-to-recycle packaging

Celebrating the planet is at the heart of this holistic skincare brand. Plants are not just respected, but celebrated through Living Libations’ production practices. They understand that good things take time and prefer to foster long-term relationships with small and local makers from across the world, for many of whom the harvesting of botanical ingredients is an ancestral practice, not simply a job. Living Libations has been an earth-minded brand since before terms like “green” and “eco-friendly” became a marketing opportunity which is inherently clear through their potent and plant-powered products. 


Our favorite product: 

Living Libations Zippity Dew Dab

We love Zippity DewDab as a spot treatment for acne.


We love knowing that our skincare choices are benefitting the planet! After all, it only makes sense that the health of the planet and its people is interconnected.


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