The Small Win-Wins:  Support Small Businesses with these Self-Care Essentials

The Small Win-Wins: Support Small Businesses with these Self-Care Essentials

We know that during this time, there is no greater gift we can give to ourselves than self-care. It’s by taking care of ourselves that we are able to have the strength to take care of others, our community, and move through what can feel like the impossible. We love to encourage others to practice self-care as well, and to experience little feel good moments, particularly our health-care and essential workers during this time. 

When we show up to support the small businesses who work tirelessly to create the products that help us to support ourselves, it’s a win-win scenario. We’ve pulled together some of our favorite things from friends of Clean Market, so we can show support to these small brands during this time, while giving a little love to ourselves or a gift to someone we love. We know that many of our jobs and livelihoods have been dramatically impacted by this crisis, so we’ve included some free resources we have found to be incredibly helpful as well. If you are able, now more than ever voting with your dollars matters when it comes to keeping small businesses afloat. 

Here are some essentials in our self-care toolkit: 

Upstate Pillowcase

These 100% silk pillowcases are hand dyed in NYC and are just the thing to rest our head on after a long, emotional day. Bridging the gap between beauty and wellness, sleeping on a silk pillowcase improves hair health while hypoallergenic temperature regulators moisturize your face and are known to decrease wrinkles. No need to feel guilty about soaking in a few extra hours of sleep these days. 

Golde FaceMask 

While we are skipping our facials, now is a good time to pump up the at-home skin care routine. Based in Brooklyn, this nourishing face mask by Golde is made with 100% pure, edible superfoods. You may not be able to get your hands on fresh greens, but this mask features chlorella, spirulina, and mango juice, so it's like a green smoothie for your skin. 


Brodo Delivery 

We’re missing our daily cups of bone broth at the store, but luckily we still have a freezer full of broth for sipping. This is the perfect pick me up whether you are looking to boost your immunity (or beauty - so much collagen!) but also the perfect gift to send to a friend who is under the weather and recovering. It’s like magic in a cup. 

Sky Ting + The Class Streaming Classes 

Like many others, we’ve quickly become big fans of streaming classes, and two of our favorite NYC studios have gone fully digital. We know it helps keep them alive when we tune in. We’ve been trying to schedule our work outs a few days in advance in an effort to find some normalcy in our routines, but also as a gentle reminder to move our bodies even when we don’t want to. 

Clean Market Candles + Palo Santo 

Sometimes scent is everything. It can remind us of a favorite memory, or make a space warm and cozy even amidst all the chaos. Palo santo can feel particularly warming and cleansing with the current tension we feel in the air. While we are not physically open (and you may have to burn the candle or palo santo you have on hand in the meantime), you can pre-order a Clean Market Candle (that we will send you when we reopen) or purchase a gift card to come in and shop when we open back up. We want to do what we can to support local, so we will be donating 10% of all profits to God’s Love We Deliver to sponsor their emergency meal bags for vulnerable people around NYC.

Thank you for allowing us to shine a spotlight on some small businesses during this time. It’s truly a win-win, supporting small businesses while taking care of ourselves. A few of our other free resources include weekly breathwork classes with Ashley Neese, meditations with the To Be Magnetic Community, and of course a bath with some staple items from our pantry. We hope this makes you pause and think about how you can take care of yourself and your needs today. 

With love,

The CM team 

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