Supercharge Your Immune Defenses: Key Immune Boosting Ingredients featured in NutriDrip’s NutrIMMUNITY IV Drip

Supercharge Your Immune Defenses: Key Immune Boosting Ingredients featured in NutriDrip’s NutrIMMUNITY IV Drip

Yes, winter is coming but before you panic purchase that industrial sized hand sanitizer, remember that you can take control of your health and supercharge your immune system. Germs are inevitable but they don’t need to run the show or send us spiraling. With a few powerful nutrients and regular doses of proven immune boosting supplements, we can do our best to prevent any colds, viruses or flus—and dare we say— feel our healthiest all season long.

Let’s Talk Nutrients: the more vitamins and nutrients that our bodies absorb, the more reserves we have to fend off sickness. Five potent nutrients in particular— Vitamin C, Zinc, Lysine, Glutathione and B12— deliver a powerful combination that rev the immune system, bolster our energy and restore balance if we feel run down.

  • Vitamin C: this powerhouse vitamin is our first line of defense, boosting the body’s immune function and protecting against oncoming sickness. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that combats free radicals in our bodies, thus bolstering our immune systems. Foods like spinach, kale, broccoli, kiwi and citrus fruits contain Vitamin C and are additive to an immune boosting diet but Vitamin C in supplement form, or better yet through an IV drip, further increases the nutrient’s bioavailability, making it that much more beneficial to the body.
  • Zinc: Commonly used as an active barrier to sun exposure, zinc can also help the body fight off invading viruses and bacteria. Zinc supports wound-healing and plays a critical role in maintaining healthy vision. This key nutrient is an earth metal and seasonal staple with benefits to transition our health from summer to winter.
  • Lysine: also referred to as L-Lysine, this amino acid is known to increase the absorption of calcium in the intestines and to assist in the treatment and prevention of viral infections. Lysine can also help to reduce anxiety and related psychological symptoms, enabling us to stay calm during cold and flu season.
  • Glutathione: known as the “Master Antioxidant” for valid reason, glutathione is integral to maintaining a healthy detox system. This benefits our immunity because proper detoxification ensures that we are consistently removing waste from the body before it builds up and causes sickness. Glutathione also bolsters the immune system by regulating our oxidative stress levels and supporting the production of cells responsible for our immune response like T-cells and natural killer cells. The long term benefits of regular glutathione supplementation boast lasting health and wellbeing.
  • B12: one of the fastest acting ways to improve our energy levels when feeling run down is through a B12 boost. Since B12 is essential to DNA production, red blood cell formation and supporting the nervous system, a deficiency of this nutrient can leave us feeling fatigued, weak and more susceptible to sickness. A daily dose of methyl B12 can quickly and effectively restore the body’s energy and help us bounce back.

With the right nutrient strategy in place, we can embrace the seasonal shifts as a time to feel cozy and confident that our body has the reserves it needs to fight off any potential predators. Clean Market has you covered with supplement forms of the nutrients you need to stay well. Stop in to learn more and shop your daily doses of immune boosting nutrients in-store or book a NutrIMMUNITY IV Drip to supercharge your system.

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