Sleep Support

Sleep Support

Whether you’re a morning snoozer or an early bird gets the worm type, sleep plays a significant role in your overall health and vitality. Yet we’ve all experienced those sleepless nights filled with tossing, turning and counting sheep until we are blue in the face, only to look at the clock and realize that we’ve been awake for hours. 

Sometimes it’s hard to wind down, power off and drift off to sleep, which is why we’ve rounded up some simple solutions to improve your sleep, making for sweet dreams and even sweeter mornings. 

Read on for 4 effective tips to increase the quantity and quality of your sleep:


Set your desired bedtime (ideally 7-8 hours before your alarm goes off), then work backwards to ensure you have enough time to wind down before bed. What does this look like in practice? If you’ve got an hour before your chosen bedtime and you want to watch a show, brush your teeth and read for a little, opt for a show that’s 30 minutes instead of a lengthier Netflix episode. You will still have 30 minutes left to get ready for bed and read before lights out. If you’re someone who finds themselves spending more time than they intended on certain activities (ehhem Instagram scroll) you can be even more calculated with your time management and use a timer.  Allow yourself 10 minutes to scroll before moving on to whatever else you want to accomplish before bedtime. Implementing time windows for certain activities will make you more aware of how you use your precious evening hours.  


Magnesium is a natural mineral that helps calm down the body, destress and relax the muscles for your deepest sleep yet. One way to harness the power of magnesium is to soak in a hot bath filled with epsom salt (magnesium sulphate) to soothe the body and the mind. Another potent way to use magnesium is to try Magnesium Glycinate capsules for an effective sleep aid that takes a gentle approach to combating stress, relaxing tight muscles, and relieving migraine headaches.

We also love Magnesium Citrate, a good option to take before bed to get your digestive system ready for the AM. We also love this beautiful and functional Magnesium Ease spray from the Nue Co. for bedside access. Absorbed through the skin, this easy to use product delivers 45mg of magnesium in 3 sprays for the perfect nightcap.  


So often we get into bed only to continue the daily activities that we were doing before bedtime: scrolling, emailing on our computers, eating a nighttime snack or even reviewing important documents. This signals to our bodies that the bed is more of a home office and less of a space to rejuvenate and rest. Try committing to getting into bed only when you are ready to actually sleep. This means pajamas on, teeth brushed, nighttime routine complete, and all work done for the day. Once your body begins to associate being in bed with sleep (and sleep only), it will become much easier to relax and drift off to dreamland.    


For many of us, screens are a nearly constant part of our day. Allow bedtime to be a screen free zone so that you can cleanse and recharge from a day of stimulation. Instead of checking your phone or online shopping late into the night, experiment with listening to music, practicing restorative yoga, journaling, reading or even meditating before shutting off the lights. For bonus points-invest in an alarm clock to keep by your bedside and  leave your cell phone out of the bedroom entirely. Plus, it’s our most bioavailable magnesium making for easy absorption.  

Looking to channel the calming and stress-relieving benefits of magnesium in your daily life? Book a IV Drip for a high dosage of magnesium that will melt away any head-causing tension and improve your overall mood and sense of well-being. Plus, it’s our most bioavailable magnesium making for easy absorption.

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