Self-Love Alternatives with Dame

Self-Love Alternatives with Dame

Self-Love Alternatives to Going on your Phone Before Bed

By Rachel Malkin 

Cuddling up with your IPhone before bed to check the day's events pre- zz’s may seem harmless, but it could be the reason you still feel sleepy after getting your 8 hours. A study done by the Sleep Foundation found that 45% of Americans suffer from lack of sleep. 

Using your phone (or screens in general) before bed is one of the biggest reasons your sleep quality is not up to par with the rest of your wellness game. The dreaded blue light from your phone suppresses melatonin (the get good sleep hormone), strains your eyesight and overall procrastinates sleeping. 


Read on for some screen-free alternatives to cultivate a dreamy sleep routine:  

  • Extend Your Skin Care Regime With Some Evening Pampering: Treat yourself. Take multitasking to the next level by popping on a sheet mask while you’re in the tub soaking in Goop Gnite Bath Soak. Finish off with a nice face massage and you’ll be drifting to sleep before you know it. 

  • Sip a Calming Beverage + Chat with a Loved One: What better way to unwind than by reconvening with your partner, roomie, or phoning a friend (audio not Facetime to avoid blue light!) over a calming, warm drink. Opt for something with sleep-inducing qualities like Moon Dust’s Dream or Standard Dose Sleep Hemp Tea. Scientific studies have shown that experiencing physical warmth (like holding a hot cup of tea) is more likely to make your personality “warmer,” making this an optimal time to chat your way into a peaceful slumber. 

  • Buzz Your Way to Sleep: When you orgasm, you release a whole bunch of feel good hormones. The release of hormones like oxytocin, norepinephrine, vasopressin work to relax the body, making falling asleep easier and the quality of the sleep you’re having better. Whether you’re playing solo or with a partner, try Kip or Pom by Dame Products for easy to use and easy to come fun. 

  • Cuddle up with a Good Book: This one is an oldie, but a goodie.  Did you used to read before bed when you were a kid, but somehow dropped that habit and picked up your phone? If you’re too sleepy to get into Malcom Gladwell before bed, try reading something lighter like a guide to meditation or positive affirmations. 

  • Make Your Bedroom an at Home Sanctuary: Your bedroom should be reserved for two things and two things only: sleep +sex. For that reason, why not make this space as magical and peaceful as possible. Make every detail down to the pillow cases an addition to the ambiance. Create mood lighting with some Edison light bulbs (or a dimmer) or light the classic Clean Market candle,  whatever makes you feel zen. 

  • Bedtime Yoga: Yoga is a perfect way to release the tension that builds up in the body throughout the day. Taking slow, deep breaths as you move through some gentle stretches will help to calm your mind, move oxygen throughout your blood cells and ultimately lead to better sleep! 

  • Rest easy. 


    Rachel Malkin is Executive Assistant to the CEO of Dame Products, a freelance makeup artist, and a yoga teacher based in Brooklyn, New York. 

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