All In This Together: Self-Care Rituals + Wisdom From The CM Community

All In This Together: Self-Care Rituals + Wisdom From The CM Community

When our foundation feels rocked and our future seems uncertain, there is comfort and hope in the act of coming together, as a community, to lift each other up, support one another, and remember that we are all in this together. As we settle deeper into our individual living spaces, let's not forget the power that comes through daily connection and practice.

Clean Market believes in our community and that we are stronger together. We also believe that there is endless wisdom to gather from our extended networks. This week, we've tapped the wise individuals who make up the larger Clean Market family, turning to them for their insights, practices, rituals and recipes that will continue to inspire us and remind us of the many ways to heal from within and keep moving forward.

“Self care is a huge part of my new WFH routines. I start and end everyday with warm water and lemon/lime. Take my supplements daily and try to get 30 minutes of movement in… no excuses.” - Hannah Bronfman, DJ and HBFit

“Taking care of yourself is key during these challenging times. My advice? Start the day with lots of water, and stay social by calling a friend on your walk. Give yourself time to pause and breathe when you need to be still. Move your body and make a to do list when you need to get active. And my favorite: at the end of the day, make a clean cocktail and relax. It's going to be okay.” - Bobbi Brown, Evolution18

“I’ve added two things to my quarantine self-care routine that are non-negotiable because I’ve seen such a change in my mood and demeanor since I implemented them. 1) I have to go for a run or walk outside. Just 20- 30 minutes. I try to run as much as I can but it’s really a walk/run/jog situation. 2) I do a 2-minute makeup routine to pull myself together. Skincare, tinted SPF, @saiebeauty Brow Butter and Mascara 101 at a minimum.” - Laney Crowell, Saie Beauty

“Ultimately love and light will be what gets us through this but first we must acknowledge the shadow. Anything you are feeling at this time is perfectly valid, try to stay present with it all, try not to numb yourself. Pain brings change, change brings pain, who knows what power you will emerge as when the dust settles and you once again rise.” - Deborah Hanekamp, Mama Medicine 

“In a way, this almost feels like a yoga retreat. Even though we're in our own homes, the time and space feels new and foreign. We really don't have anywhere to go. And days are open and free to organize as you please. I've been finding a sense of calm through playing with time. Longer practice times, slow cooking, baking, etc. In these moments where everything beyond my close world feels so out of control, I'm really just working on staying grounded in what is right in front of me and what's happening right here and now. We always talk about the need and importance of living in the present moment, and now more than ever before I'm finding great comfort in that.” - Chloe Kernaghan, Sky Ting Yoga

“1. You’ve got to limit information intake, especially as it relates to covid-19, too easy to fall into despair otherwise.  Knowledge is power, obsessing is debilitating. 

  1. Breathe. 4 second box breathing is super effective at calming the nerves.  Inhale for 4 seconds, hold for 4 seconds, exhale for 4 seconds, hold for 4 seconds. Do this for a minute or two with eyes shut. 
  1. Cook! Get lost in it. Pay attention to it. Appreciate the products and the process - it activates ALL of your senses. Most importantly cherish the moments of eating either alone or with loved ones.” - Marco Canora, Brodo

“I’m being patient with myself and not forcing myself to do anything that doesn’t come naturally, and taking it day by day. I rearranged my furniture to allow for more natural light in the living room, which has helped a lot.” - Lucy Litman, artist and creative 



Allow these self-care practices and simple bits of wisdom from our community to encourage you to dislodge from the panic and choose calmness over fear, self-discovery over hysteria, and groundedness over uncertainty. Let's stay in this together.

With love,

The Clean Market team

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