Ready, Set, Go(als)! Tools to Help keep your New Year’s Resolutions on Track

Ready, Set, Go(als)! Tools to Help keep your New Year’s Resolutions on Track

Goal: To Feel Better in my Body

The gut and mind are connected in fascinating and often under acknowledged ways. An imbalanced stomach can lead to all kinds of issues which can be felt body wide, just like an anxious mind can bring about digestive problems and potentially pain. Fortify your gut with healthy bacteria while managing stress with cortisol-balancing supplements and adaptogens.

Our Picks: Nue Co Debloat + Prebiotic, Moon Juice SuperYou


Goal: To Take Better Care of My Skin

Our skin plays a major role in both how we feel and how we perceive ourselves. Healthy, glowing skin is not only representative of a healthy body, but can also positively impact our self confidence and mood. At CM, we believe in holistic beauty, and that often starts from the inside out. Supplements for skin such as biotin, vitamin C, and glutathione are immensely beneficial for many biological pathways in the body. Feel great and look great.

Our Picks: LivOn Labs Vitamin C, Moon Juice Super Beauty, Moon Juice Collagen Protect

Goal: To Be Stronger or Reduce Chronic Pain

Feeling strong and living without pain are two amazing goals to focus on in starting out in a successful new year. These two tenants are surprisingly connected, as strengthening and stretching the muscles around a painful spot can often help reduce pain if done correctly. The Theragun Mini is a life-changing tool to help reduce muscular pain, as well as soreness, caused by athletic activity.

Our Picks: Theragun (in-store!)


Goal: To Slow Down and Take More Time for Myself

Here in our homebase of New York City, it’s easy to forget to take time for our own wellness practices. This New Year, remember that life only moves as fast as you let it, and sometimes the best realizations and greatest moments of personal growth and fulfillment come from slowing down and reflecting. Build a moment to say thank you to yourself, with a calming and clean Candle, delicious and soothing Chamomile Tea, and restorative bath or foot soak using Magnesium Bath Flakes.

Our Picks: CM Good Clean Home Collection, Bon Temps Mint Tea, Magnesium Bath Flakes


Goal: To Get Higher Quality Sleep

Sleep is a fundamental need - rest is when the body heals and prepares for the next day. One of the absolute best things you can do for yourself is to get better sleep, and more of it. Creating a good sleep routine will help tip your brain off that it’s time to sleep every night, which will ultimately encourage a stronger circadian response and reinforce your natural bed time. Magnesium is our go-to supplement for encouraging sleep as well as a general feeling of calm. Sleep focused teas and tinctures are also great ways to help create a restorative pre-sleep routine. Herbal supplements such as Valerian root, Skullcap, and Passionflower support better sleep, and produce the best results when taken every night. Don’t forget to create a comfortable and inviting environment so that you look forward to winding down each night.

Our Picks: Moon Juice Magnesi-Om, LivOn Labs Magnesium, Upstate Pillowcase, Nue Co Sleep Drops, Urban Moonshine Hit the Hay

Whatever your goal is, results start from within! We encourage you to always come into one of our stores or reach out to us at or DM us directly on Instagram for expert advice and encouragement!

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