Making Time for Mindfulness: Our Current Favorite Tools for Intentional Moments + Self Reflection

Making Time for Mindfulness: Our Current Favorite Tools for Intentional Moments + Self Reflection

The New Year is always filled with an onslaught of advertisements for gym memberships and grocery home delivery services, and while here at CM we are huge believers in a wide range of habits that are good for the body, we like to put energy toward living mindfully. After all, the mind and body have a unique and powerful connection. A well mind supports a well body, and vise versa. So, as we inch into February, we welcome you to come with us on a journey to greater mindfulness and awareness!

Good Clean Home Bundle

Cleanse negative energy from your home or workspace with sustainably-harvested Sage, re-invite positive energy back with Palo Santo, and then light our custom-poured candle to maintain a sense of calm and wellbeing throughout the day. Appreciate small moments and create an inviting atmosphere help to cultivate routines and habits surrounding mindful enjoyment and gratitude of the space that surrounds you.

Self Practice Mindfulness Workbook 

This unique and captivating workbook made by Lauren Trend in Melbourne, Australia is filled with intentional questions meant to encourage greater observation of the world around you as well as greater knowledge of the self within. Captivating prompts inspire internal dialogue even after the cover has been closed. 

Oil + Rose Quartz Roller or Gua Sha

Washing one’s face at night is a daily habit, but turn it into a luxurious and mindful routine by incorporating a rose quartz roller and nourishing oil after cleansing. Take deep breaths and concentrate on the feeling the smooth stone leaves as you move it across your face and neck. For those prone to rushing, set a one minute timer and try to savor each second as much as possible. This calming tradition also helps calm the mind to encourage better sleep. Leave the roller in the fridge for the next day and repeat if wanted for an inflammation-reducing and invigorating morning moment.

Luz Mística (app)

Turn any dim room into a colorful oasis with this free app! Perfect for winding down before bed or during meditating or doing yoga. It works on both phone and desktop for maximum ease of use.

Acupressure Mat

Our muscles hold much of our stress and anxiety that accumulates throughout the day. This mat utilizes the natural force of gravity to firmly but never painfully push into pressure points along the neck, shoulders, and back — the most common places for tension to be held. Lay on mat after a workout or before bed to encourage faster recovery for sore muscles. Dim the lights and pair with the Good Clean Home Collection or the Vitruvi Essential Oil Diffuser to create a calm environment for the greatest sense of healing and presence.

Have a restful and grounding week, month, and year ahead!

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