Let's Face It: Cryofacial 101

Let's Face It: Cryofacial 101

If you’ve ever experienced the bright-eyed, rosy-cheeked radiance that results after coming inside on a brisk winter day, then you’re familiar with the transformative power that cold air has on our complexions. 

This covetable glow that comes from the cold air making contact with your skin, and the subsequent increased blood flow to the area, is similar to the health-promoting effects of a cryofacial.



Cryofacials are unlike the more traditional spa facials that you may have had before. During a 12 minute cryofacial, cryogenically-cooled air (up to-160°F) is applied to your face for an experience that is thrilling, chilling, and extremely healing. Plus, there are no painful extractions, no post-facial redness and no heavy moisturizers involved. With a cryofacial, the use of a small stream of cooled air directed onto your face works to create a constriction and dilation of blood vessels, which ultimately reduces any puffiness or inflammation on the skin.


Whether you’re looking to depuff after a night out, or to treat more chronic and recurrent skin issues, cryofacials are an effective option for achieving a youthful, vibrant complexion. The main benefits of cryofacials include: decreased inflammation, boosted collagen production, anti-aging, reduced fine lines + blemishes, and improved acne + eczema. You can dramatically improve the look and luster of your complexion with natural support from the cryogenically-cooled air. 


If you’re hoping to treat a recurring issue, we recommend incorporating cryofacials into your regular protocol on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. For general upkeep to boost the overall health and appearance of your skin and reduce signs of aging, we suggest adding a monthly cryofacial into your skin regimine. Cryofacials are also ideal for those short on time (re. everyone) as they last 12 minutes and can be administered with or without makeup on. Pop in at lunch, after work or between activities to chill out and then glow forward with your day.

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