Joe Rogan Says He Cured Bill Burr's Illness With Simple Fix

Joe Rogan Says He Cured Bill Burr's Illness With Simple Fix

It really IS that simple.

And we make it even simpler! Our NutrImmunity IV Drip combines high dose Vitamin C, Zinc, and B12 — exactly what Joe Rogan recommended for Bill Burr.



The NutrImmunity is our number one for sickness and recovery and helps the body’s natural defenses to fight inflammation and infection. This drip is great for a depleted immune system & pre/post-travel. 

How to Use: Book 2 NutrImmunityIV drips over the course of a week to supercharge your immune system. Experience it monthly to help your body fight inflammation and infection and book as soon as you start to feel sick or under the weather. 

The 4 potent nutrients in NutrImmunity deliver a powerful combination that rev the immune system, bolster our energy, and restore balance when we feel run down. 

Vitamin C:
This powerhouse vitamin is our first line of defense, boosting the body’s immune function and protecting against oncoming sickness. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that combats free radicals in our bodies, thus bolstering our immune systems. 

Zinc can help the body fight off invading viruses and bacteria. Zinc also supports wound-healing and plays a critical role in maintaining healthy vision.

Also referred to as L-Lysine, this amino acid is known to increase the absorption of calcium in the intestines and to assist in the treatment and prevention of viral infections.

B12: one of the fastest acting ways to improve our energy levels when feeling run down is through a B12 boost. Since B12 is essential to DNA production, red blood cell formation and supporting the nervous system, a deficiency of this nutrient can leave us feeling fatigued, weak and more susceptible to sickness. A daily dose of methyl B12 can quickly and effectively restore the body’s energy and help us bounce back. Also available as a quick intramuscular booster shot. 

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