Holiday Clean Up Guide

Holiday Clean Up Guide

Travel cX: Whether you’re traveling by plane, train, car or simply commuting uptown on the Subway, more people traveling over the holidays equals closer quarters and extra exposure to germs and viruses. This doesn’t mean you need to opt for a full face mask—a few potent products and treatments can support you before, during and after your trip.

Boost your immunity before you depart. Stop into Clean Market for a NutrIMMUNITY Drip, which is loaded with bioavailable Vitamin C, Zinc and Lysine, making it a super potent way to boost your immune system and kill viruses before and when you are you exposed to potential germs. 

We also recommend that you prep a travel sized care pack including some Vitamin C (we love LivOn Labs Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C packets), as well as our favorite Intelligent Nutrients clean hand sanitizer, and if you are already feeling a bit under the weather, Beekeeper’s Naturals Propolis Spray. 

Beat the Bloat: The holidays are a time to indulge and break bread with loved ones over decadent meals. For many of us, this means eating more sugar, salt, butter, and gluten than our usual day to day. Even for the most rock solid stomachs, the holiday stretch from Thanksgiving through New Years can do a number on our digestive systems, especially if we aren’t used to eating rich foods on the regular. 

We recommend picking up some digestive aids like Urban Moonshine Digestive Bitters or Designs for Health Digestive Enzymes to have at the ready throughout the holidays. We also love The Nue Co Debloat for when your stomach starts to expand.

If you’re not currently taking a daily probiotic, the holidays can be a great time to start to ensure that any changes to your diet are mitigated by the extra beneficial bacteria. We swear by Designs for Health ProBioMed, that we take everywhere we go since it is shelf stable.

Finally, remember to stay hydrated and in tune with your body. Drink plenty of water throughout the holidays to keep things moving and flush out your system. Don’t worry about enjoying yourself in moderation. Bringing some intentionality to your indulgences may help you get clear on what your body really wants versus what’s readily available (i.e. bottomless trays of holiday cookies).

If you feel sluggish post holiday, don’t panic. Stop into Clean Market to detox and reset with 30 minutes in our Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna. You’ll leave feeling glowy and good as new.

Channel Your Inner Zen: Even for the most chilled out people, the combination of family time, hosting duties, travel planning and less sleep and exercise can spike anxiety and lead to a full on meltdown. At Clean Market, we literally swear by a handful of products to keep our cool, even in the most stressful situations.

Hangover No More: For those of us whose holiday drink of choice is stronger than a Scary Spice Latte, there’s always the risk of a rough morning after. At Clean Market, we appreciate a festive holiday cocktail, we just make sure to prep ourselves in advance with some clean hangover cures.

When imbibing, we like to keep Quinton Isotonic Supplement and LivOn Labs Glutathione on the ready to help restore electrolytes and support cleansing the kidney and liver. Take first thing the next morning, or even before you go to bed. The Quinton supplements contain seawater electrolytes and are the perfect size dose to refill our mineral supply and rehydrate the body. As a master antioxidant, glutathione helps your body detox the liver and restore your glow. After a hydrating face mask, you will be as good as new. 

If you require a little more of a recovery treatment, stop into Clean Market for a Super Recovery IV Drip or a Mega Recovery IV Drip, depending on your needs.

As always, the Clean Market staff is here for you. If you’ve got busy holiday plans and you’re not sure what will best suit your needs, stop in to chat with our trained staff.


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