Cryotherapy: A New Level of Chill

Cryotherapy: A New Level of Chill

Cryotherapy—also known as “cold therapy”—uses nitrogen cooled air to expose the body to sub-zero temperatures of up to -220°F in order to stimulate multiple physical and mental health benefits. It is proven to boost energy, reduce inflammation, relieve joint pain, speed up muscle recovery, restore collagen, and increase the metabolism within minutes. 

“In order to ensure the positive things you’re seeking you need to allow recovery time. Everything needs time to recover, rebuild and rejuvenate before exposed to stress again.”—Dr. Cedric Bryant, Chief Science Officer for the American Council on Exercise

Cryotherapy has been used to treat chronic conditions such as arthritis and pain, but has also become an effective, mainstream treatment for energy (pre workout), muscle recovery (post workout), and even stress. Because of these benefits, it has become a popular treatment for professional athletes, marathon runners, and anyone looking for active rest and recovery.  


  • Boosted endurance and energy
  • Reduced inflammation and pain 
  • Improved healing and muscle recovery 
  • Increases blood flow
  • Boosted metabolism
  • Enhanced​ ​sleep​ ​quality
  • Boosted mood

A Little on Cryofacials 

Cryofacials apply cryogenically-cooled air of up to -160°F to your face and skin to decrease inflammation, boost the production of collagen, minimize fine lines, reduce blemishes, and gradually clear acne and eczema. Treatments last 12 minutes and can be administered with or without makeup on. 


  • Decreased inflammation 
  • Boosted collagen production
  • Reduced fine lines & blemishes
  • Improved acne & eczema
  • Reduced signs of aging 

Localized Cryo

Localized cryotherapy brings the benefits of Whole body cryotherapy to specific points of pain in the body, such as muscle spasms and sprains, and helps speed up the recovery process. The time and temperature of treatment ranges from 3-12 minutes, and uses cryogenically-cooled air of up to -160°F, depending on the safety protocol and optimal benefits of the area affected. 


  • Reduced inflammation and pain
  • Increased blood flow to area 
  • Improved healing and muscle recovery 
  • Increased range of motion


The most common side effects of any type of cryotherapy are numbness, tingling, redness, and irritation of the skin. These side effects are almost always temporary.

What People Are Saying 

“Just got a cryotherapy facial at Clean Market, and it was amazing! Felt so incredibly refreshing. The atmosphere here is laid back and everyone who works here is welcoming and energetic, and fun to be around.”—Monet B.

“When I was there they were doing mini cryofacials and my face felt smooth and bright for days afterwards.”—Elyse B.


Clean Market is a modern wellness destination in the heart of NYC.  Explore ​​purposeful​ ​nutrition at our organic cafe,​ ​stock up on effective​ ​and clinically tested products at our apothecary market,​ ​and utilize innovative​ ​services​ (IV drips, cryotherapy, full-spectrum infrared saunas, and more) ​to​ ​optimize,​ ​energize,​ ​and​ ​transform​ ​your​ ​life. This is modern wellness for everyone, everyday.

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