Clean Market x The Early Vote

Clean Market x The Early Vote

Take good care of yourself and vote early this year. We are proud to have partnered with @TheEarlyVote, a nonpartisan, nonprofit messaging campaign focused on providing information solely about early in-person voting. #voteearly


Voting early in person is the best way to make sure your vote is safe, securely and counted on time. An early vote ensures that election results can be reported without delay and it spreads out voting for safety during COVID-19. It also helps reduce the burden on mail-in ballots, where states are having issues getting ballots in time. Already in North Carolina, Black voters’ mail-in ballots are getting rejected at 4X the rate of white voters. 

If you haven't already made a plan to vote, consider voting early in-person! Did you know 200M registered voters have this option (aka most people in most states!) and the polls are open in 20 states this week?



Early in-person voting means you can pick up and cast your ballot at an early polling site, just like you would on Election Day!  

By voting early in-person, you can make sure your vote is counted securely and on time, and help flatten the ballot curve by spacing out voting for enhanced safety, and reducing the burden on mail ballots. Plus, you get to vote when works best for your schedule.

 Even if you are on top of your voting game and have applied for your mail-in ballot, most states allow you to vote early in person or drop off your absentee ballot early in person. If you’ve already received a ballot and can vote early in person, just bring it with you to the polls if you have any question.


Got questions on how to vote early in-person in your state? We got you covered.  

Check out @theearlyvote for all the state-specific info you need on when to vote early, where to go (hint: it’s probably not where you vote on Election Day), what you need to do in advance, and why it's safe. 


We know the last 7+ months has been stressful, to say the least, and with the impending election we are encouraging you to take extra good care during this time. With that in mind, we’ve also partnered with The Early Vote on our Clean Market x The Early Vote Good Clean Home collection: a trifecta of cleaning, calming, and cleansing scents to bring good clean voting vibes through November 3rd. 

Here’s how we recommend using it when you head to the polls: 

  1. Burn the sage before you go and vote. This helps cleanse a space of unwanted energy!
  2. Go vote! 
  3. When you return home, burn the palo santo to bring in new energy. 
  4. Light your So Fresh, So Clean candle and soak in the good voting vibes. 


You can also boost your mood, energy, and concentration with our Boosters!

Keep your defenses in fighting form with this bundle, which includes a B12 and Vitamin D shot. 

B12 supports energy levels naturally along with mood, memory, and immune system.

Vitamin D supports mood, concentration, sleep and the immune system.

Come stop by our 54th St Location or our newest location at Brookfield Place to learn more about early in-person voting and to stock up on feeling good before the big day. 

Show us your voting set up! Spread the good word by posting a pic and tagging and @theearlyvote. #voteearly

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