Clean Market Guide to Midtown East

Clean Market Guide to Midtown East

After a year and a few months under our belt as a permanent Midtown East resident, Clean Market is proud to call this little corner of the city our home. While the neighborhood is historically associated with Grand Central Station, high rise office buildings, and the daily grind of all work, no play, the Clean Market team got down to business discovering the local spots that make Midtown East feel communal and cozy. It turned out to be much easier than expected. We’ve quickly become unapologetic repeat customers at the destinations on this hit list.  

Whether you’re traveling from out of town, an outer NYC borough, or simply curious to explore Midtown East for the day, you’ll want to bookmark these hot spots for your next visit. 


Tracy Anderson MethodTracy Anderson is a revolutionary fitness icon for a reason. Her no-nonsense approach to sculpting and toning will work your body into the longest, leanest version you ever thought possible. There is a valid reason why celebrity clients like Gwenyth Patlrow, Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Lopez, Olivia Wilde and countless others turn to Tracy Anderson for full transformation. Each workout is packed with high intensity movements and ever-evolving routines to ensure that you never plateau. Prepare to leave feeling sweaty, shaky and sore in the best way possible. 

Location: 241 E 59th Street, NYC, NY 10022

Georgia Louise SpaLifting and sculpting isn’t only for the body. At Georgia Louise, the famed facialist has developed a high end, non-invasive facial system that has garnered recognition for the best facials in NYC. Her facial treatments include the use of non-invasive machines and professional products to depuff the face, naturally lift the cheekbones and brows and soften fine lines and wrinkles. Entering into Georgia’s eastside Atelier is like floating on a cloud. Whether you stop in for a best in class facial or to relax and shop the skincare products for sale, you can rest assured that your every need (and pore) will be in good hands. 

Location: 114 E 71st Street 1E, NYC, NY 10021

Yinova: Our favorite downtown acupuncture center is moving on up to Midtown East, and we couldn’t be more excited. The Yinova center combines traditional Chinese acupuncture with herbal formulas and bodywork to open, balance and align the body. Any treatment that takes an integrative approach to support the body’s self-healing modalities is one that we will stand behind. Fear not if you’ve never tried acupuncture before or are afraid of needles. In addition to acupuncture, Yinova offers cupping, moxa, gua sha and massage. You will leave your first treatment feeling renewed, restored, and with a customized treatment in place for your specific needs.  

Location: 150 East 58th Street, 6th Floor Anne, NYC, NY 10155

Clean Market: We would be remiss not to mention our first born, and personal favorite outpost for some TLC. Since we start most days with an early wake up call, coffee is an essential part of our mornings. Clean Market’s organic coffee is delicious with a splash of our house nut milk, and even better when spiked with Brain Dust ™ or Brain Octane ™ for some deep focusing power. Depending on our mood and needs, we love to recalibrate with a 3-minute chill in the Cryotherapy chamber (ideal for relieving muscle pain, inflammation or menstrual cramps) or to spend 30 minutes sweating it out in one of the far infrared saunas for detox, lymphatic drainage and overall stress relief. When we have a little more time to lean back or need an extra immunity boost pre or post travel, we opt for an IV drip with one of 14 custom drips that deliver nutrients and minerals straight to our bloodstream for 100% absorption. For Clean Market newbies, we recommend you pop in to shop and explore our functional cafe and market and learn more about the right service for you.    

Location: 250 E 54th Street, New York, NY 10022



Souvlaki GR: When the mediterranean craving calls, we listen. The look, feel and flavors of Souvlaki GR will transport you as close to Mykonos as possible by way of Midtown East. This Greek, family-owned restaurant prides itself on the authentic experience and fresh food identical to the homemade Greek cooking shared amongst family members. Each dish is magic in the making and you can’t go wrong with your order.  We recommend you start with the obligatory hummus, tzatziki, skordalia (garlic) mezedes plates and then go for the signature charcoal grilled octopus, the hand cut fries and whatever else your heart desires. Balance, right?

Location: 231 E 53rd Street, New York, NY 10022

The Lobster Club: Downtown cool meets uptown sophistication at this Japanese Brasserie. The restaurant’s beautiful interior is designed by world renowned architect, Peter Marino, and the equally beautiful menu is artfully crafted by chef Tasuku Murakami.  Truly, every dish at the Lobster Club is a work of art. What we appreciate most about the menu at The Lobster Club is that everything is designed for sharing, with a focus on fun and food as opposed to formality. Chef Murakami sources his fish from Tokyo’s famed Tsukiji market to ensure the highest quality ingredients. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, The Lobster Club delivers an unforgettable culinary experience.

Location: 98 E 53rd Street, New York, NY 10022

JoJo: JoJo is in Clean Market’s regular rotation. We frequent this casual restaurant, located in a duplex townhouse, whenever we have a celebratory staff lunch or simply need to have a working breakfast away from the office. JoJo is everything you could want in a neighborhood restaurant.  It’s warm, inviting, modern and full of farm to table staples with mostly organic and local ingredients. It also happens to be famous chef Jean-Georges’ first restaurant, so it maintains the top caliber of a fine dining establishment without the frills. The menu is extensive, but the coconut chia bowl is a no brainer for a healthy brunch, as is the organic frittata. We also recommend the ginger margarita when a celebration is in order.

Location: 160 E 64th Street, New York, NY 10065


Where to Drink:

Monkey Bar: There's a valid reason why the Monkey Bar is the It cocktail bar amongst NYC insiders and influencers. It’s location in the posh Hotel Elysee adds to its elevated ambiance and quirky charm. The cocktail menu is solid, and the people watching (and occasional celebrity sightings) are even better. Stop in for a pre-dinner drink or linger for a late evening nightcap and prepare to witness NYC’s movers and shakers mingling and making deals. 

Location: 60 E 54th Street, New York, NY 10022

Tomi Jazz: Tucked away in a basement-level nook on E 53rd street, Tomi Jazz is a true speakeasy in every sense of the word. A hybrid Japanese whisky bar and music venue, Tomi hits on all the right notes for a nighttime experience that transports you far, far away from the NYC hustle. The cocktails are as smooth as the live jazz music, and the ambiance is cozy yet chic.  Our favorite evening wind down: a relaxing 30 minute session in Clean Market’s infrared sauna followed by lounging at Tomi to soak up the live music and enjoying a drink (and a large glass of water) in good company. 

Location: 239 E 53rd Street, New York, NY 10022


1 Hotels Central Park: When it comes to midtown accommodations, there is an undisputed frontrunner for sky high luxury and service inspired by nature. The 1 Hotel integrates sustainable materials and practices into the decor and functionality of the space using elements such as reclaimed wood, organic cotton mattresses and sheets, filtered water taps in each room, eco ionic hair dryers and more. Plus, this urban oasis is located right off Central Park providing access to nature within minutes. The 1 Hotel is a short trip across town from Clean Market but the westward voyage is every bit worth it.

Location: 1414 6th Ave, New York, NY 10019


Photography credit (from Left to Right):

Natasha Shumny, Clean Market | 1 Hotels, Central Park | Teddy Wolff, The Lobster Club

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