A Playlist For All Your Banana Bread Baking

A Playlist For All Your Banana Bread Baking

At Clean Market music, just like scent, is an essential way to evoke emotion and energy for ourselves and our customers (not to mention a good song is a must when doing a full body cryo). With our doors closed the last few weeks we have been craving music that is not only soothing but energizing to help us feel grounded as we stay home. 

We partnered with our friend and playlist aficionado, Sophie Kos (you may know her from her energizing, challenging workouts at The Class) to create just that for us whether we are working from home, spending extra time in the kitchen or needing to move around and get the blood flowing.

So sit back and relax, or dance around - we hope this helps put you in a Good Clean Mood :) 






Sophie Kos Bio 

Sophie Kos is a personal trainer, certified yoga instructor and fitness instructor at The Class. She lives for daily movement, good music, matcha lattes and quality time with friends and family. You can connect with her on instagram @sophie_t_kos.




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