72 Hour Memorial Day Staycation

72 Hour Memorial Day Staycation

While this weekend will look different in many ways, there are still plenty of ways to make it fun, exciting, and a break from our normal routine. You rarely set out on vacation without a plan or places you want to visit - with just a little bit of prep work you can make a weekend feel like a staycation too. Here are our tips! 

Make a plan and try to stick to it. Schedule fun activities, choose meal themes, downtime, and even pick out outfits and wear the clothes you would on vacation. Put in a little elbow grease to cleaning your apartment and changing your bed into its coziest sheets, so you can sit back and relax all weekend long. 

Here’s what we will be doing this weekend: 


Start the day with a workout to shake off the whole week and get in the mindset of a relaxing weekend ahead. We’ll be doing our go-to: The Class

Next, kick off the weekend with a BBQ. If you have a grill that’s great, if not use a grill pan or skillet inside. We will be picking up some meat from our local butcher and choosing from this round up of grilled recipes. Serve with your favorite bbq sides -- you can also go full veggie by making a ton of sides. 

Cap off the night with delicious kombucha, and a round or two of cards. We’re nostalgic for Gin Rummy or Rummy 500, but chose your favorite card game or board game. You can also do this with friends online! 


Indoor or Outdoor Picnic 

Whether you are in your living room, your yard, or the beach, make a meal into a memory with things. Lay out a blanket or two for the quintessential “park picnic”. If you’re indoors, take it a touch further by opening your windows, turning on a good playlist and moving some plants around your space to bring a little bit of nature indoors. 

Add a bottle of your favorite organic wine or non alcoholic spirit, and bundle it all up in a tote. Don’t forget your hat and beach cover up or sundress. 

Tonight we will be cozying up and screening a good movie -- here are some of our favorites: 

Girls Trip, The River Wild, Center Stage, Dirty Dancing, Call Me by Your Name, Now and Then, Midsommar, Blue Crush, 500 Days of Summer, Wine Country, She’s All That


Today we’re all about winding down. Some of our favorite days on vacation are our ‘spa days’. Get in the mood by burning your favorite scent -- we have some incense leftover from Tulum that we will be burning to bring us right back. Make time for an epsom salt bath (and a cool rinse after) and give yourself a full facial -- steam, cleanse, and double mask. We’ll be using our full Osea line to bring us right to the beach. Have a large water in the fridge with cucumber and mint so you can sip on spa water throughout the day. 

Bring in some gentle movement with a long walk or a few yoga postures to ground you and get yourself ready for the week. 

Here’s what we are packing for our 72 hours: 

A sundress 

Leggings + sports bra 

Comfy jeans 

Swimsuit (even if you don’t have a beach or pool)

Chic pajamas (make your evenings a luxury)

Garin sweater (for chilly evenings outside)

Hat (outdoor hangs and less hair washing) 

Freda Salvador sneakers (bike rides, walking in style) 

Essential skin and hair (Osea Ocean Cleanser, Playa Beach Mist

We hope you take some time to have fun and nurture yourself this weekend! 

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