Quinton® Hypertonic is 100% seawater and is typically used by individuals looking for an immediate revitalizing effect that can support exertion from major physical or mental tasks. Quinton® Hypertonic offers the minerals needed to help cell renewal and contribute to normal muscle and digestive functions.

Potential Benefits Include:
Reduce tiredness and increase energy
Enhance the normal nervous system and brain function
Support protein synthesis and normal muscle function
Support electrolyte balance and normal energy metabolism
Keep bones and teeth healthy
Can support the process of cell division

Quinton® Hypertonic 30 pack offers 30 glass drinkable ampoules 0.34 fl. oz. (10 ml) each. Each 10 ml ampoule of Original Quinton® Hypertonic® delivers 3.3% bioavailable, bacteriologically pure, naturally sterile minerals and trace elements. Because it undergoes only cold sterilization, all the marine-rich complexes in Original Quinton® Hypertonic retain their original form and potency.
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