New Yorkers Know Best: Our Favorite Local Products

New Yorkers Know Best: Our Favorite Local Products

By Clean Market

New Yorkers Know Best: Our Favorite Local Products

Plant People

Plant People is one of our favorite CBD brands, and the company has quite the origin story. On a hike, would-be co-founders Gabe Kennedy and Hudson Gaines-Ross realized that they had both experienced traumatic spinal injuries and were both prescribed traditional pain medication which left them feeling lethargic, unwell, and irritable. Gabe, a chef hailing from a family of healers, acupuncturists, and herbalists, understood the amazing power of plants. Combined with Hudson’s knowledge of plant-forward businesses, they created a company that centers the idea that plants can heal. It’s no surprise that we reach for their Relief Balm for all of our aches. We also love how Plant People leverages the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD to create skincare that restores skin. Their wide-range of anxiety reducing tinctures and capsules also can’t be beat. For more focused work days, try their Stay Sharp capsules, and for stressful moments try the Mind + Body drops.

Fine & Raw

You can’t miss the playful, pin-up-style packaging of Fine & Raw’s chocolate bars, and it's no wonder since they were first dreamed up in a Williamsburg artist’s loft in 2007. First hand-making and delivering chocolate bars by bike to just friends and a few other chocolate-minded individuals, the addictive flavors now-owner Daniel Sklaar dreamed up couldn’t stay a secret for long. Fine & Raw and the Chocolate Crew now reside in a factory in East Williamsburg, consistently churning out our favorite bars, truffles, and spreads, as well as concocting crazy delicious flavors all the time. It’s hard to play favorites with Fine & Raw, but here at CM we are especially obsessed with the Hazelnut Butter and Habanero Salt Bars.


Golde began in a small Brooklyn one-bedroom apartment in 2017, and just a few years later has become one of the most popular and beloved brands for all things superfood (and frothy!). Their turmeric latte mixes have us feeling energized everyday when the 3 p.m. slump kicks in, though we also drink them every other time of day too! Their masks are unskippable too --- clean greens is a salad detox for your face, and lucuma bright utilizes papaya enzymes to give you radiant and glowing skin!

We know you will love these brands as much as we do --- and hope you enjoy exploring our new online shop!